Ring – the wifi enabled, video doorbell (supported by crimestoppers)

If you want to see who’s at your door and even talk to them from inside the house without opening the door or from the other side of the world, then this is the doorbell for you!

We live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we knew that as soon as we started looking at houses back in the UK, that the location of the property and security was very important. Luckily the house we chose is in a very safe area, we are at the end of a Cul-de-sac and our neighbours can see the front of our drive way from inside their homes. They are also very friendly neighbours who know our situation and are willing to watch out for the property. Both our parents also live very near by and are round at the house nearly every day. But still, there is always something in the back of your mind when living abroad.

The first time we came across Ring is when my husbands colleague posted a video on his ‘page’ of a woman looking through the windows of his home in the UK, she had gone into his drive and was peering into the house. The colleague spoke through the doorbell “Can I help you?” The woman jumped and replied “I’m just looking for my cat.” She quickly bent down and started to beckon an invisible cat using cat noises, she then swiftly moved out of his drive and ran away. This video opened our eyes to what other people think they can get away with when they think no one is around.

So we purchased the doorbell online and organised wifi for the property. It is worth noting that you need a minimum of 1mb upload speed to be able to access a continuous live feed. We originally had a lower internet package and the video streaming was jumpy, but as soon as our new internet speed kicked in, the live video was continuous and perfect quality.

We decided to hook up the doorbell in the same location as the old one so that we could link to the power connections. The Ring doorbell does work off battery power as well but our preferred option was for continuous power. After we’d downloaded the ring APP we linked the doorbell to our phones and were able to see the front of our house from where ever we were. If the doorbell detects motion then you get a pop up on your phone informing you, if you swipe instantly then you can watch a live video of the motion and speak if you wish to. If you miss the live motion then the doorbell stores the video into your archive and you can watch it later on. Alternatively, if someone rings your doorbell, again, you are informed by a pop up and you can see the live video and speak to the person.

There are plenty of settings that you can update from your phone such as motion sensor settings, notification settings, etc.

Because of this doorbell we have been able to speak to delivery people and advise them to leave our new radiators at the side of the house, we can keep track on all comings and goings at the house with all the work going on which is great. Also it is amusing to see people struggle trying to get the door unlocked and listen to the profanities šŸ˜‚
Our parents are very concerned that the neighbours think they are strange, as they are constantly talking to a doorbell.

We absolutely love this doorbell and would strongly recommend it to anyone who asks. Not only does it give you piece of mind that there is always an eye on the place but it is also practical as well. We picked ours up through Amazon UK online, RRP Ā£159 but sometimes you can catch it in the sale or you can find more information here.

They may not seem cheap, however it is one of the best investments we have made so far and if it helps prevent someone entering your house and taking anything that is more than the cost of this then I would say it’s definitely worth it. I noticed that they have a number of different security items that all link to the APP, which is useful for more than one entry/exit. They also sell a doorbell chime for inside the house, so when we are back home and someone rings the bell we will be able to hear it around the house as well as getting a phone pop up. We will definitely be looking some of the other security cameras as well.. Never forget – big brother is always watching šŸ˜œ

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