Plumbing – Phase One

I’ve not done a post in a while as there was not really anything that I could report on, but our plumbers have just finished the first stage of their project so maybe it’s time to update you guys 😊

We knew from the very first day that we looked round this property that the heating system definitely needed updating. As you can see, the boiler was so old school that we couldn’t quite believe that it was still working 😂 The ‘radiator systems’ were these fantastic low level heaters that had the thickest of steel pipes running from them and all around the house. The downstairs bathroom was an eye sore with pipes running here, there and everywhere! There was a tiny water storage heater in the cupboard of the upstairs bathroom that, we were told, wouldn’t even fill a bath! So, as you can imagine, it was the first thing we looked into.

We have a friend who worked for a boiler company that came to look at the house in the first week we got it. He advised us that for the size of the house that a commercial size combi boiler would do a sufficient job. We obviously had no idea which would be best and heard that combi’s were the option to go for at the moment.

We also had another company come round to give us their advise too. This company had installed my parents boiler and my dad had recommended them due to their efficiency of coming round and getting the job done. This guy gave us a whole new perceptive to look at. He asked us if we were thinking of extending, which we were in the future, and adding in another bathroom. “What if you had the washing on and two of you needed a shower at the same time?” 🤔 this made me think……. Due to the size of the property and the potential of having a family of 4 living there one day, he proposed that the combi along with our water pressure would not be sufficient to allow multiple usage at the same time. The alternative was a water storage heater coupled with a system boiler that would provide us with enough pressure to run several appliances at once and have showers. I preferred this option as I do love my showers.

Obviously every property is different so a combi might be perfectly capable for your property.

Once we had decided to go with that system and got the quotes, we decided to press forward and get the full system replaced with the local heating company APG

Old heating system The guys started by removing all the old radiators and visible pipework, which am sure was no easy job due to the size and weight of the old ones. They ripped out the old boiler and replaced it with our new 210L water storage system. New wate tank
We discussed the location for the new boiler and thought that being hidden behind a cupboard in the utility would be the best option. The system boiler we went for is a 35Kilowatt Worcester Bosch (35CDi) system boiler.


To keep in with the theme we had for the house style, we decided to pick the Designer radiator white
radiators ourselves for the majority of the main rooms downstairs. We requested the BTU calculations (heat requirements) Designer radiator for the rooms we selected, which then allowed us to go online and choose the ones we wanted. After some research we found that had some great weekly offers on and meant that we could get some of the designer radiators that we wanted at reasonable prices. They delivered direct to the house within a few days which was great. Definitely worth a look! For the rest of the house, APG replaced the radiators with new, standard double, white ones.

For the entrance hall, we are looking to have an industrial style including a new industrial/rustic looking staircase. To go with this theme I did some research into refurbished reclaimed radiators and found that a local company on Instagram, ‘Ribble Radiators‘. Based on the BTU calculations and the style we liked, they went away and came up with a quote and some ideas for what we wanted. I fell in love with the 3 column Victorian style and had it painted in black Matt. It wasn’t cheap, but will be a great feature in the entrance hall, what do you think?


We decided to take the new radiators off and drain down the system until we are in the position to re-plaster the walls and then we can re-fit and fire the system up again. Hopefully this will be the end of the summer 2017!

APG did a great job installing the new boiler system and pipework, I think it turned out to be a much bigger job than they first envisaged! But Paul, Dave and the team worked well to get everything sorted. I would highly recommend APG as a company to get a quote from if your interested in re-plumbing your whole house or just after a new boiler.

So a major job now done and things are starting to come together… next job… full re-wire!! 😬

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