The first two weeks – Part one

It just so happened to work out perfectly! We arrived back in the UK on a Thursday, exchange happened that day (after a rushed trip to the solicitors and the bank straight from the airport!) and then completion and keys on the Friday lunchtime. Lucky or what? 😁 My husband has never ‘carried me over the threshold’ as they say, even though we own two other properties, these were bought in our own names before we married. So this house was the first we’d bought together since being married, so of course I made him carry me through the front door. Let’s just say either I’m heavier than what I thought or he’s not very strong. 😳 We took lots of photographs of each room and had a beer to celebrate. As we went through each room I got more and more overwhelmed at how much actually needed doing, my brain was going into over drive.

IMG_0019We returned to the house later with our little boy and both sets of parents, along with champagne and glasses. We sat on the floor, drinking and watched our toddler explore every inch of the property and I finally relaxed knowing we had done the right thing. It was as if he knew this was going to be his new home. Conversation was in full swing by now with what ideas we had for each room, everyone was excited for us.

Before completion occurred, I had absolutely no intention of doing any DIY during the two weeks we were back. It was just supposed to be people visiting and getting quotes for electrics, plumbing and windows. However, Saturday started with us pulling up the carpets in the family room and dining area to reveal some gorgeous floor boards and a chess board stage.

We were also very intrigued to find out was was underneath the wooden slated ceiling in the family room. We found out that there was no insulation between the ceiling and floor boards above (something else we needed to do) but we did find an empty, vintage packet of senior service cigarettes (possible from the 60’s?!)

The next day we decided to pull down the studded wall that separated the kitchen and dining area to open it up into an L-shape kitchen/diner and family room. My husband and dad carefully removed the door and lights then secured the electrics. They pushed and pulled the wall for about 10 minutes and eventually it came down in one piece. Straight away the whole room felt so much better, more spacious and the light flooded into the kitchen. I was so excited to think about its potential.

IMG_0010Whilst all this was going on, my toddler had decided that peeling the wallpaper off in the snug lounge was fun. Except when he’d finished (after 15 minutes or so) it was up to me and my mum to finish stripping the rest of the room. Luckily the paper came off easily and with the steamer we had done the whole room in one day.


We had had the keys for approximately 44hours and had already done so much. Stay tuned for part 2!

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